• 19-22 March 2020
  • Jakarta Convention Center


Below you will find some of the most frequently asked questions asked of our team. If you question is not answered below then please contact us

Visitor FAQ

Q1. How do you obtain an access badge for KERAMIKA and Megabuild Indonesia 2017 show?
There are two ways to obtain a badge, you can pre-register to avoid queue or during the show days. For pre-registration, please log in to www.keramika.co.id/pre-register or www.megabuild.co.id/pre-register and fill in the form. You will get automatic response once you have submitted. Please show it to registration counter to get your badge onsite on 16-19 March 2017. Please sign up only through one website of event. Caution! The name and surname on the badge cannot be changed once your order is validated.

Q2. You registered and have not received your log-in information. What should you do?
If you have not received any confirmation by 1x24 hours, please:

  • Check that your confirmation/personal space creation email was not considered SPAM. You might find it among your unwanted emails.
  • Check that the email address you entered was accurate. To do so, log in to your personal space.

Q3. Is a visa necessary to enter Indonesia?
Project Management does not support VISAs for visitors. Please refer to the www.megabuild.co.id/Visiting/Plan-Your-Visit/Visa/. Please note that the necessity of a visa varies by nationality of the visitors.

Q4. How do I get to the venue?
Please refer to the transport access information on www.megabuild.co.id//Visiting/Event-Information/Venue-Info-and-Access/.

Q5. How can I find out more about exhibitors?
Please visit the following website to search information of exhibitors.
Note: Exhibitor Directory for upcoming show will be available from approx. two months prior to the opening of the show.

Q6. What shows does the badge give access to?
The badge offers access for 4 days to the shows both KERAMIKA and Megabuild Indonesia 2017. The badge is personal and non-transferable. You will be asked to show it whenever you enter and exit the show; you may also be asked for proof of identity.

Q7. Are there any hotels near the venue?
Yes. Visit the following hotel information website for details www.megabuild.co.id//Visiting/Event-Information/Hotel-and-Transport-Partners/. (Please note that almost all the hotels near the show venue are expected to be fully booked around the show dates. We recommends you to book the accommodation for the show in advance.) Reservations for hotels can be made online.

Q8. Can children come to the show?
KERAMIKA and Megabuild Indonesia 2017 are a show reserved for professionals. Individuals under the age of 18 are not allowed to enter the show.